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About RelateNow

RelateNow is an innovative platform that uses Web 2.0 technologies to empower more cost-effective, coordinated services for children with autism and related developmental disorders.  The RelateNow platform stands out among competitors due to its flexible content management and collaboration system that can be customized for different therapy types (Applied Behavioral Analysis, P.L.A.Y. Therapy, Floortime, etc.), as well as for its organizational structure and operations.  Our goals are to improve quality of life for children and their parents and empower professionals to serve their clients more effectively. We do this by connecting parents to professionals and support organizations, informing them about the latest in therapeutic approaches and treatments and by providing online tools to establish treatment goals, recommend specific therapeutic activities and strategies, and track and assess their children’s progress.

Our Philosophy
There are numerous therapeutic approaches, each with evidence supporting its potential to improve outcomes for children with autism. We believe these various approaches may be differentially effective or appropriate depending on a child’s unique strengths and weaknesses as well as parents’ choices for what outcomes they want prioritized in their children’s treatment plans. RelateNow offers parents and professionals a diverse, multi-disciplinary range of educational content drawing from the best of these various approaches. Alternatively, providers can also choose to use RelateNow to deliver their own content or choose to use only that portion of our content that is consistent with their specific program and preferred approach to autism therapy. Most importantly, we believe that parents can and should be essential partners in their children’s therapy programs.

Company History
RelateNow was incorporated as a business in June 2005 and received funding to move into development in August of that same year.  The company was founded by Kelly Gatzke and Bret Shaw whose son was diagnosed with autism the preceding year. For a decade, they had been developing and evaluating Internet-based health education and support programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for various projects funded by the National Institutes of Health and private philanthropic organizations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Markle Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation. The goal of these initiatives was to help people cope more effectively with a variety of health issues.  When their son was first diagnosed, they immediately tried to find a comprehensive Internet-based solution with the breadth, depth and responsiveness of the online systems they had been creating to help them determine how best to get started with an effective and affordable treatment plan. Quickly, they realized such a system did not exist. As they learned more about the needs of families and the high costs of autism treatment, Kelly and Bret saw an opportunity to empower parents to participate more actively in their children’s therapy programs and to coordinate services among therapy providers, in order to provide children with the best possible care. Motivated by their expertise in medical informatics and experience as parents of a child on the spectrum, they teamed up with a group of visionary leaders in the autism treatment field to create RelateNow.com.

Founders and Management Team

Trent Landreth, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Landreth is responsible for the development and execution of company strategy and oversees all company operations. He brings over twenty-five years of operational, management, and technical expertise to RelateNow. Most recently, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Formation Systems, a Boston-area technology company. Prior to Formation Systems, Mr. Landreth served as Chief Technology Officer of a major enterprise software company and co-founder of a large solutions integrator based in Dallas, Texas.

Kelly Gatzke, Founder and Executive Vice President
Kelly was the information and interface designer at the Center for Health Enhancement Support Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has over a decade of experience designing and evaluating eHealth applications for diverse patient populations with a special expertise related to conducting usability test to optimize the design of Web interfaces to meet the needs of traditionally underserved populations and their support networks. She has served a variety of government, academic, non-profit and corporate organizations.

Bret Shaw, Ph.D., Founder and Strategic Advisor
Bret is a technology developer and researcher of eHealth applications at the Center for Health Enhancement Support Studies and Assistant Professor of Life Sciences Communication at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His research has focused on how people with chronic health conditions benefit from online support and tailored information systems. He has published on the topic of medical informatics in a range of peer-reviewed journals including Health Education Research, Health Communication, the Journal of Health Communication, Qualitative Health Research, CIN: Computers, Informatics and Nursing, American Behavioral Scientist, Information Technology and Behavior, the Journal of Health Psychology, Psycho-Oncology, and the International Journal of Medical Informatics. Kelly and Bret are also parents of a 9-year old son with Autism.

Elizabeth Langteau, OTR, B.S., Educational Director and Relationship Manager
Elizabeth Langteau is a Registered Occupational Therapist and has worked extensively with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other disabilities. Her expertise focuses on practical, hands-on techniques to help parents and professionals improve outcomes for children with disabilities.  Elizabeth has played a central role in building the curriculum in RelateNow, establishing the underlying logic of the RelateNow treatment planning system and managing the on-boarding process for new customers. 

Steve Shaw, MPA, Community Development
Steve Shaw is a licensed social worker with over twenty years of experience in human services. In the state of Nevada, he was the Administrator of the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS), an integrated division responsible for children’s mental health, early childhood intervention services, child welfare and juvenile corrections. Steve also served as the Administrator of the Rehabilitation Division providing rehabilitation services to individuals, including children with disabilities. In his previous position, he was appointed by the Governor of Nevada to the Legislative Advisory Committee to Study Laws Relating to Children, the Early Intervention Coordinating Council and the Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council.