Frequently Asked Questions About RelateNow

General Questions:

Q: What age groups is RelateNow most appropriate for?
A: Currently, the programs offered by our partners optimized for children ages 2-10. Learn more about each program from our partners to see how it can benefit your child.

Q: Is RelateNow intended to replace therapists?
A: No. RelateNow has been created to work optimally when used in conjunction with trained professionals, and it includes a robust collaborative platform so team members can work together more effectively to assure continuity of care.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?
A: For families subscribing through one of our providers, they must follow the provider's cancellation policy. For organizations, RelateNow is offered on a subscription basis with a minimum subscription of six months required to join with an organization. After the initial term of service is complete, customers can cancel at any time.

Q: Is broadband Internet required to use RelateNow?
A: Broadband is not necessary but highly recommended, particularly for watching videos. If your program requires video upload, broadband is necessary for the most successful experience.

Q: What types of therapy programs does RelateNow’s content support?
A: Currently, the RelateNow Providers offer programming from a diverse range of disciplines and programs including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, sensory integration training, social stories, and the developmental, individualized and relationship-oriented (DIR) model, and Applied Behavioral Analysis and discrete trial training programs. Learn more about the different providers.


For Parents:

Q: May I sign up more than one of my children with a single login to RelateNow?
A: Parents can set up individual accounts as needed with different providers all under the same login. This allows you to manage everything by only logging in once.

Q: How are recommendations tailored to an individual child?
A: RelateNow offers a ‘My Child Profile Wizard’ that asks a parent or therapist a series of questions to identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses in 14 different domains. The system walks the parent or lead therapist through a series of steps to set individually tailored goals and objectives and create a customized treatment plan. The system also ranks the recommends activities that have been rated as most effective by parents and therapists working with children who have similar profiles. You also have online case reviews from your therapist who evaluates your child or the video you have uploaded. This allows for specific tailored suggestions and recommendations to support your child.

Q: What types of parent and professional training does RelateNow offer?
A: RelateNow offers multi-media combining text and video materials to inform members about a wide variety of autism-related issues and then connects you to a therapist/consultant who personally guides you through the program.

Q: How does RelateNow protect a child’s personal information?
A: Customers are provided a code name and password to log onto the system. Primary account holders can provide access to other members of their child’s therapy team and they can also remove those team members whenever the need arises. From a technical standpoint, RelateNow also has several other safeguards in place to protect customers’ privacy. RelateNow uses Verisign Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to help ensure that data is secure during transmission, dedicated servers and a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to client data.


For Agencies or Clinics:

Q: Can service providers post their own program content into the RelateNow program?
A: Yes, service providers can post their own content within the RelateNow content management system to offer within their clients’ individualized home pages.

Q: Can service providers restrict what types of content their clients have access to?
A: RelateNow’s flexible content management system allows agencies to easily control what types of content their clients have access to. Service providers can allow their clients to draw from RelateNow’s diverse, multidisciplinary range of educational content or restrict access to only those materials that are consistent with their particular program and preferred approach to autism therapy.

Q: Can service providers post agency-specific news relevant to their families within their clients’ individualized home pages?
A: Yes, agencies can use an administrative tool to post agency-specific news within their clients’ individualized home pages (e.g., new services, policy changes, change of hours during holidays, etc.).

Q: Can agencies create different access privileges so that some members of the team can edit the child’s profile and treatment plan while others cannot?
A: Yes, RelateNow allows agencies to provide different access privileges so that some team members can edit a child’s profile and treatment plan while others may only access the plan to help direct therapy-related activities.

Q: Does RelateNow’s security procedures comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
A: Yes, RelateNow security procedures follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines to help service providers maintain compliance with the technical regulatory requirements.

Q: Can agencies integrate their own logo within their clients’ individualized home pages?
A: Yes, agencies can integrate their own logo within the RelateNow interface to offer a customized feel to their clients.

Q: Can data be exported?
A: Yes, agencies can export timesheet data and reporting/progress data of a child. Timesheet data can be exported directly to Quick Books or the payroll program that is used by the agency.

Q: Can families be directed to an agency specific homepage?
A: Yes, when families login they will first come to their homepage, which will include alerts and news and information specific to the organization they are working with.

Q: What level of customization is available for generation of reports required by funding agencies?
A: RelateNow will set customized reports specific to your needs. We can put your raw data into a template that fits your reporting requirements.

Q: Can therapists receive an email in their personal emails indicating that they have new correspondence within the RN email system?
A: RelateNow has the option for users to get email alerts when activity has occurred on their RelateNow space. This can be turned on or off.