for Providers and Organizations is an Internet-based software system that helps therapy providers deliver more cost-effective services for children with autism and related disorders. We do this by offering to organizational tools that enable their staff and caregivers the ability to provide a greater level of support in order to advance the shared goals of a child’s therapy program.

Assess and Plan
Provide input about a child’s strengths and weaknesses related to autism symptoms, and RelateNow will guide you through the formation of a customized treatment plan by creating individually tailored goals and objectives.

Implement therapy plans
RelateNow suggests activities, strategies and online video training programs to provide options on ways to deliver therapy to advance a child’s treatment goals. It also ranks activities and strategies that have been rated as most effective by parents and therapists working with children who have similar profiles.

Track and demonstrate progress
Clients understandably want to see progress as a result of children’s participation in autism therapy. RelateNow offers interactive tools to follow a child’s progress and determine “what’s working best” to reach his or her therapy goals.

Educate and train
Better trained staff and clients make it easier to deliver effective therapy for children with autism. RelateNow provides your organization access to an extensive database of training programs, strategies and activities to help your therapists and clients utilize materials that can improve the way they interact with children. Or, you can upload your own training materials into the system to complement or substitute for the current database of information. The system will facilitate distribution of your materials and assure that only your most up-to-date material is in circulation.

Link families and professionals
Despite best intentions, often families and service providers don’t communicate enough to deliver coordinated care. RelateNow allows you to create an optional collaborative environment so parents and professionals can work together to improve therapeutic outcomes.

Build your practice and serve hard-to-reach families
Using a Web-based system that is available anywhere there is access to the Internet allows your organization to more easily serve families at a distance whether they are in remote, rural areas or simply outside of your existing service area.

What kinds of organizations can benefit from using RelateNow?

  • Clinics
  • In-Home Therapy Providers
  • Case Management Agencies
  • Psychology Clinics
  • Government Organizations Managing Family Care
  • Schools
  • Independent Consultants

Pricing and Promotions
RelateNow makes this service affordable for your organization or clinic at $30/family per month, allowing you to add as many staff and administrators as needed. See our special promotions.

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Features and Benefits of using RelateNow in your organization.
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RelateNow offers only the services you want - when you want them

RelateNow has been created so organizations can optionally select to use only the services that make the most sense for their clinical practice. And – if you change your mind and want to turn on more services later – RelateNow can adapt to your changing needs.

Planning and Tracking  


Create individualized treatment plans based on unique strengths and weaknesses, and assign strategies and programs to work towards therapeutic goals

Tracking Monitor and graph a child’s progress related to treatment goals over time

Reporting Create customized reports to share with child’s parents and professional team

Content Management  

Flexible control

Provide clients access to only the content and information that is consistent with your organization’s approach to autism treatment

Customized content capabilities Post your organization’s content, using the RelateNow administrative interface, directly into the clients’ individualized home pages

Agency-specific news Use administrative tool to post agency-specific news within clients’ individualized home pages

Training and Education  

Educational materials

Over 1000 searchable training programs, strategies and activities created by national experts

Multimedia training Video and text trainings to teach staff and parents about autism symptoms and therapy techniques. Upload organization-specific trainings and track staff’s completion

Competency tests Optional tests can be turned on so staff can demonstrate acquired knowledge and competencies in designated domains

Research briefs Summaries of peer-reviewed scientific research related to autism treatment including implications for behavioral therapy

Expert content Rotating informational columns written by national experts in the field of autism treatment


Staff administration

Staff can keep their contact information up to date with their own secure login

Time tracking Customized tool for staff to enter time worked and billable hours, exports to multiple formats (e.g., QuickBooks, Excel)

Access management Easily add or delete access privileges for staff members as needed

Role management Provide varying access privileges so that some team members can edit a child’s profile and treatment plan while others may only view the plan to inform their therapy-related activities


Team Building

Advanced structure allows you to build a team for clients while keeping their information private

Team Messaging Provides a communication platform so family and team members can work together more effectively to assure continuity of care

Scheduling Coordinate support team and client’s schedules with online calendar indicating availability for therapy sessions

Stored documents Provide access to worksheets and other documents related to therapy plan

Distance Learning  

Remote consulting

Provide venue where parents can ask questions and receive answers for remote mentoring of families

Video upload and hosting Streamline exchange of child videos to facilitate distance mentoring of parents or other professionals

Audio voiceover capabilities Optional tools allow service providers to record audio voiceovers and offer commentary on a video of a child’s behavior provided by parents or caregivers

Competitive Advantage  

Customized technology platform

RelateNow provides a completely customized solution for your organization, that would be prohibitively expensive to set-up independently.

National marketing opportunity RelateNow can assist in marketing your services and create new models of distance care for your organization.

Online support groups unique to your organization

Offer online support groups that are only available to your clients
Customized interface Integrate your own logo within the RelateNow interface to offer a customized feel to your clients

Advanced Security  

HIPAA Compliance

Software follows HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines

Encryption Verisign Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is used to help ensure that data is secure during transmission

Secure data hosting environment Dedicated servers with firewall to prevent unauthorized access to client data


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