QuickStart Guides: Getting Started with RelateNow

Learn how to Get Started with one of the RelateNow Providers

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Quickstart Guide for Families - Learn how to login and get started after your Home Consultant has invited you
Quickstart Guide for Consultants
- Learn how to get started with RelateNow and invite the families you are working with
Features and Services Guide
- Get an overview of services and features RelateNow offers

Choosing a provider and Getting Started on RelateNow

  1. Choose from our list of providers and programs to join. Each program has specialized features and programming within RelateNow. All of our partners are highly qualified therapists, educators, Psychologists and Doctors who have years of experience working with children with Autism and related disorders. Click on each provider to understand their programming and if it fits with the needs of your child and family.

  2. Once you have decided on a program, you can join two different ways:
    Option 1
    - you can call the provider to check availability and areas in which they work. (this is a very good option, because many of the providers will create a program that fits your needs and budget)
    Option 2 - you can join by going to the join page and selecting your state and county you live in. This will bring up programs in your area which you select and join. You will be guided through a registration process. Once this is done, you will then be in "Pending" status until the provider connects you with a qualified therapist.

  3. Once you are connected with a therapist from the provider you chose, you will login and see a homepage specific to your child and program. On the upper part of the screen, you will see blue tabs at the upper part of the screen. Each tab has tools that are specific to your child. The therapist you are working with will start setting up the program and communicating with you once you join. They will be already added to your child's team under the "Team" tab. You can also add outside team members (for example: daycare providers, grandparents, occupational therapists...) by selecting the "Add a Team Member" button on your "Team" page. This will send an email to that person inviting them to your child's site to join in communication and learning. At anytime, you can remove team members by deleting them from your team list.

  4. Start exploring the system by going through each tab and selecting the Help icon to see how to best use the tool. RelateNow also offers free web-based training. Contact us to have a demonstration on how to use the tools. support@relatenow.com

  5. Many of the providers will set an initial visit or online video assessment of your child. At this time you can upload video to your video tab area. At the designated time, the provider will review your child's video and give you feedback as well as programming information.

  6. Once your child's review/assessment is done, the therapist will set up a program for you to start working in under the "Planning tab" (depending on the program it may be called: "Play Plan", "Family Plan", "Treatment Plan" etc..) This plan will have set objectives and recommended reading and multimedia content. It also has tools for you to keep track of progress. This is where much of your learning and tracking will occur. See an example tracking page below.

  7. All communication with your therapist occurs within the communication tab under "Team Messaging". When a message is posted, you can elect the RelateNow system to email you an alert. We keep all messaging within the tool to keep it secure and confidential.

  8. The calendar tool allows you to keep track of the therapy and play sessions you are doing with your child. When you post a session, you can record notes and tracking information directly on that date. This allows you to see progress over time and have a history of the things your child is learning.

  9. We appreciate your feedback or questions. For technical support, contact support@relatenow.com