If you are a family member with a child on the Autism Spectrum, you can join RelateNow through one of our affiliate partners. You can search for Agency/Clinic partners and P.L.A.Y. Project Home Consultants to see if services are available in your area.

Some of our providers have also developed distance mentoring models designed to connect families with certified therapists who can guide families in helping their children in PLAY, Social, and ABA Techniques by providing online training, treatment planning, and online video review. Using this model, families can control the cost and customize the level of care they seek for their child.

RelateNow carefully selects only high-quality providers as partners to meet it's mission of helping families help their children. Not able to find a provider in your area? Some of the providers will do remote mentoring with families.. If you can not find a provider in your area contact us directly at 866-697-2935.

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Agencies or Clinics

Join RelateNow with our affiliate agency and clinic partners.Select your state and county to see if programs are available in your area.

If no programs exist in your area, email us at to request services.

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In-Home and Online Consulting

Join RelateNow with a certified PLAY Project Consultant Learn More About the PLAY Project

Find PLAY Consultants in your area to work with you and your child.

If no programs exist in your area, email us at to request services.